Sunday, January 22, 2012

ATZ Battrep: No D Spare

Sorry for the english errors, I didn´t had time to edit anything and, as I´ve said before, english is my third language. When I have time I´ll look into it and edit any error I can see... Thanks for the patience and compreension.


 Day 4 of the outbreak.

 Three survivors are trying to get away from the big cities and the crawling undead. They are on the road in a pick up when they get a flat tire. Now they have to find a replace tire since they have no spare. Fortunately, they are near a small town by the road where they can see a dinner (Wack Donald´s), a Tire repair shop (lucky survivors!!!) and a peaceful cemetery (darn... this can´t be good...). It seems that a car and a truck crashed not too long ago as pillars of fog atill swirl from the crashed vehicles just ahead of them. They cant see no movement by those cars

7 Zombies generated. 2 ahead of them and 5 on their left jast passing the Wack Donald´s (the survivors can´t see them). Chief is the leader and has a REP 4 (Born leader + Poser) and is carrying a Big A$$ Pistol. Montana and Mamma are vanilla atributed; Montana is carring a crude club and Mamma is carrying a giant bloodied frying pan as her weapon.

Chief: "Better shoot them while we can..."
Turn 1: S1;Z5

Chief shoots a zombie and misses the other. Mamma starts to look preocupied with all the noise. Fortunately the noises are not activating any zombie... yet!

Turn2: S5;Z1

Mamma cries to Chief to be careful with all the noise he is doing. Chief is momentarily distracted by her and that allows the zombie to get closer to them...

Turn 3 S1;Z5

With a precise shot in the center of the zombie forehead and Chief splatter some putrid zombie brain in the road... Still no zombie alerted with the shot fired from his pistol and the way ahead seem to be secure.

Turn 4 No dice roll (no zombies on sight) 

Mamma says she is going to the car crash to see if there´s anyone needing help (she is so protective...) and Montana is going to follow her. Chief says for them to take care and goes left to the tire repair shop.

Chief: "I can see some tires in front of that shop! And no zombies! This is going to be a walk in the park!"

A soon as he passes the Wack Donald´s Dinner front he see several zombies wandering de dinner´s parking and four zombies moan as they limp toward him... He resist the temptation to straight shoot them (passed 2 On Sight test)...

Turn 5 S5;Z1

The zombies get closer to Chief who shout for help from Mamma and Montana.

Turn 6 S1,Z2

Chief fire 2 shots and two zombie falls to the floor. Mamma and Montana are now by Chief side and Mamma cries once again to stop all the noise or he will atract all zombies nearby. One more zombie is atracted by the fight sounds.

One zombie who was lying near the tires get up and goes toward the noises of fight...

Turn 7 S3 Z4 (7 on activation made one zombie appear but the survivors can´t see it as he appears behind the crashed truck)

Ignoring Mamma suggestion, Chief fires his gun twice again, missing both zombies. Mamma gets her frying pan above her head and crashed one zombie skull with a dull noise after oddly swinging her "weapon" 3 times (melee, S1Z1/S1Z1/S1Z0). Montana kill the other zombie with a fast and furious swing of his club with one migth blow in the head (wanting to charge pass, S2Z0) Mama shout angry to Chief  "stop de fracking noise!!!" and then she heard a loud, horrid and guttural sound from inside the Wack Donald´s (the sounds atracted one zombie placed inside the Dinner).

Never forget to carry your frying pan in a zombie apocalipse! It´s silent and deadly and in the end of the day you can also cook your meal!!!

 Turn 8 S1;Z4

One zombie charges Chief but he shot the zombie down (2 passes on being charged test). Mamma gets closer to the Wack Donald´s door as she can see It´s being breaking down from inside. Montana rushes to the zombie that appeared behind the tires engaging him in melee. The zombie fought with Montana and almost managed to bite his arm off, but a blow in the zed neck was enough to kill him (Montana almost got injured by the zombie; S2Z1/S1Z1/S1Z0). No zombie was atracted by the noises.

Turn 9 S5;Z3

The door from the dinner is burst open as the fattest zombie they´ve seen rushes out to attack Mamma. She swings her pan hitting him several times but in the end she managed (hardly) to kill the Zed (S2Z1/S1Z1/S1Z1/S1Z1/S1Z0... close one...). No more zombies on the vicinities.


 Mamma looks to Chief and see he is panting with horrid crazy eyes but managed to stop the shooting and the noises. She think with herself that he may be loosing his mind... she is full of anger that they almost died but she goes toward him and gently and motherly hug the former police officer as he eagerly embrace the gesture. Montana goes to the tires and get 2 for them. They silently decided not to search any of the buildings feeling they got very lucky with the tires alone. Nobody says a word as they go back to their car, change the tire and get on their way.

______________________ End of Battle Report______________________ 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Jonny Quest Pulp Skirmish

 Still busy to post the Battrep of ATZ. It was a fun fast game but I´ll not spoil the Battle Report.
Meanwhile I have stumble on a forum discussing what miniatures to use in a pulp game based on the cartoon "Jonny Quest". For those who don´t know what I´m talking about, Jonny Quest was THE GREATEST pulp toon that ever existed (IMO).

 My friend, Spiffy Leek, suggested the use of Bob Murch's minis and that tip makes perfect sense since his minis come with pulp skirmish rules from Pulp Figures. Their miniatures are great so as the rules (wich are free in condensed pdf) but I could not find one of the greatest villain of Jonny Quest in their gallery:


So I thought I could try to make a miniature of this quintessential villain and here it is in his inital sculpting.

I know that it don´t seem to be much but I think that when I paint it it will be very cool to game with in a Jonny Quest pulp skirmish. Ha! I love when I can sculpt my own mini because even if they are not very good looking they have a unique "soul" that maybe only I can see.

I´ll try to post the ATZ Battrep tomorrow. See ya!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Time to test it!

 Well... after the spackle was dry (24 hours) the result was not so bad. Actually not bad at all! The building was a lot more sturdier than I tought it would be! After a delicate cleanse with a moist cloth the result was very impressive. I´m so happy with the building that I´m going to test it with the best way I can think of: An ATZ GAME!!!

 I´m going to use some new sculpted and painted survivors too. They are:
Chief - Former policeman

Montana - Former car robber

Mama - Fofmer... Mama??? (or maybe the elephant woman since the face result was kinda crappy...)

How they banded together is up to your imagination.


 Day 4 of the outbreak. Three survivors are trying to get away from the big cities and the crawling undead. They are on the road in a pick up when they get a flat tire. Now they have to find a replace tire since they have no spare. Fortunately, they are near a small town by the road where they can see a dinner (Wack Donald´s), a Tire repair shop (lucky survivors!!!) and a peaceful cemetery (darn... this can´t be good...). It seems that a car and a truck crashed not too long ago as pillara of fog atill swirl from the crashed vehicles. They cant see no movement by those cars. They begin at the top left of the scenario photo.

You can see the survivors objective in the center of the above photo (tires). Optionally they can get the hearse by the house at the bottom right of the set. (a black car in black felt may be hard to see...)

On the survivors left we can see the spackled building as "WACK DONALD´S"

Game on! Soon I´ll post the Battrep!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Spackle It!

 I´m testing this filler technique to texture my scratch-builded-half-timbered-house but I´m not sure if it will work like I´m expecting. I must confess that i´m not very confident in achieving the same result you can see here. I´ve built a simple cardboard model to test this technique and I will share my result as soon as I can but my impression so far is that the filler (even as I´ve mixtured with PVA glue) will crumble when manipulated when gaming.

Front view - comparing with a mini on the make for All Thing Zombies
 (L4D Boomer?)

Side of the building with the same miniature on sculpting phase

So... I really hope that the texture will become a cool one after painting and that it will be strong enough after some varnishing. Good weekend y´all!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gears of Wargame

 I´ve been a proud owner of the Gears of War the Boardgame for about 2 months now. Fantasy Flight made a great job with this product. Not only the box and cards have the known good quality of FF products but the minis are beautifully sculpted.

 I could´nt paint them as fast as I want it because My older son wanted to play  missions every day but now that he is settling his hunger for GOW I think I can start the painful process of painting them... painful ´cause I´m just no good at it. I´ll try to find some tut or hint in to help me. The enemy AI card is so cool that I´m thinking in using the system for a solo skirmish or wargame (or maybe just build some 3d board)... I´ll put some tought at it...

I Wish I could paint like this...

Monday, January 9, 2012

That is not dead wich can eternal lie...

Once upon a time i had a blog in a far far away site...

Well, to be more specific i blogged about horror movies, wargames and rpg games for as long as 4 to 5 years and i had a good time and some loyal audience back then until, not suddenly but insidious and unstoppable as a zombie march, I´ve abandoned my old blog. I graduated, married and had children and so the eaverydaybusiness did not left me any spare time to update my blog and so... You got the picture... My life now has come to a point where I do have some spare time not only to game a lot more but also to share my experience and fun time with other gamers. And now I´m back in blogger, thankful for the inspirational websites of other tabletop gamers like those tha you can see at the right of this post. I hope you can find some inspiration and fun in this blog too. And... er... I´ll try to be understandeable enough but keep in mind that english is like my third language and some stupid words and phrases can pop now and there...

Next: My first 2012 wargame project!