Monday, January 16, 2012

Jonny Quest Pulp Skirmish

 Still busy to post the Battrep of ATZ. It was a fun fast game but I´ll not spoil the Battle Report.
Meanwhile I have stumble on a forum discussing what miniatures to use in a pulp game based on the cartoon "Jonny Quest". For those who don´t know what I´m talking about, Jonny Quest was THE GREATEST pulp toon that ever existed (IMO).

 My friend, Spiffy Leek, suggested the use of Bob Murch's minis and that tip makes perfect sense since his minis come with pulp skirmish rules from Pulp Figures. Their miniatures are great so as the rules (wich are free in condensed pdf) but I could not find one of the greatest villain of Jonny Quest in their gallery:


So I thought I could try to make a miniature of this quintessential villain and here it is in his inital sculpting.

I know that it don´t seem to be much but I think that when I paint it it will be very cool to game with in a Jonny Quest pulp skirmish. Ha! I love when I can sculpt my own mini because even if they are not very good looking they have a unique "soul" that maybe only I can see.

I´ll try to post the ATZ Battrep tomorrow. See ya!


  1. That is insane skill! Can't wait to see it when its painted?

  2. You´re being kind. Thanks for the comment!

  3. so what figures did you use for the Quest gang? i have the same idea to make a pulp crew for jonny quest.