Friday, January 13, 2012

Spackle It!

 I´m testing this filler technique to texture my scratch-builded-half-timbered-house but I´m not sure if it will work like I´m expecting. I must confess that i´m not very confident in achieving the same result you can see here. I´ve built a simple cardboard model to test this technique and I will share my result as soon as I can but my impression so far is that the filler (even as I´ve mixtured with PVA glue) will crumble when manipulated when gaming.

Front view - comparing with a mini on the make for All Thing Zombies
 (L4D Boomer?)

Side of the building with the same miniature on sculpting phase

So... I really hope that the texture will become a cool one after painting and that it will be strong enough after some varnishing. Good weekend y´all!

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