Saturday, January 14, 2012

Time to test it!

 Well... after the spackle was dry (24 hours) the result was not so bad. Actually not bad at all! The building was a lot more sturdier than I tought it would be! After a delicate cleanse with a moist cloth the result was very impressive. I´m so happy with the building that I´m going to test it with the best way I can think of: An ATZ GAME!!!

 I´m going to use some new sculpted and painted survivors too. They are:
Chief - Former policeman

Montana - Former car robber

Mama - Fofmer... Mama??? (or maybe the elephant woman since the face result was kinda crappy...)

How they banded together is up to your imagination.


 Day 4 of the outbreak. Three survivors are trying to get away from the big cities and the crawling undead. They are on the road in a pick up when they get a flat tire. Now they have to find a replace tire since they have no spare. Fortunately, they are near a small town by the road where they can see a dinner (Wack Donald´s), a Tire repair shop (lucky survivors!!!) and a peaceful cemetery (darn... this can´t be good...). It seems that a car and a truck crashed not too long ago as pillara of fog atill swirl from the crashed vehicles. They cant see no movement by those cars. They begin at the top left of the scenario photo.

You can see the survivors objective in the center of the above photo (tires). Optionally they can get the hearse by the house at the bottom right of the set. (a black car in black felt may be hard to see...)

On the survivors left we can see the spackled building as "WACK DONALD´S"

Game on! Soon I´ll post the Battrep!

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